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Practice of Nonviolence

Nonviolence in Action: Methods and Approaches
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A Peace Tax. Our right to stop financing the murders
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“Not in my name”: voluntary renunciation of citizenship by birth
The first sign of any state’s respect of freedom of conscience and religion is t... more
The village — a personal experience: taxes, safety, the fruits of nonviolence
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Society without violence and killing (examples from history)
When you once again hear about "innate" human cruelty, and that a society withou... more
Costa Rica: 70 years without an army
Without claiming a complete and error-free treatment, I will allow myself to sha... more
Nonviolence — Where do I begin?
For any given individual, the strategy of nonviolence can, by and large, be redu... more
La non-violence en action : exemples, formats, solutions
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La non violenza in azione: esempi, formati, soluzioni
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Tegus vagivallatus: naited, formaadid ja otsused
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Veiksminga neprievarta: pavyzdziai, formos, sprendimai
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Nenasilje na delu: primeri, formati, resenja
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