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Nonviolence FAQ

What’s wrong with legalized violence?
The protection of lives, resources, territories and orders by force is not simpl... more
How to protect yourself and your loved ones
This is the answer to the question of ensuring personal safety. The question of ... more
"If a crime is committed in my presence…"
It is unusual that one of us would already know in advance how to defeat evil wi... more
"If I don't feed my own army, will I have to feed another's?"
Compare these scenarios: You did not take up arms against the invaders, but as ... more
“But who will protect the homeland?”
This is the answer to the question of ensuring collective security. The question... more
How to protect yourself from the homeland
The main problem with the homeland is that it does not know how to let a person ... more
Pacifism — a betrayal of the homeland?
Pacifism is a strange and often inconsistent thing: “No” to war, but “yes” to po... more
Why do people kill each other (and can't stop)?
Before all else, let's remind ourselves: criminals and security forces are not t... more
Does the strongest survive?
Simply surviving does not mean that you can relax. Very often survival is the st... more
Is the army a school of discipline?
The Feast of Obedience Kamil Churaev People have a certain characteristic tha... more
The army — social mobility?
The army and other armed services — are truly paths for social mobility. But the... more
What kind of armed forces and police should we have?
Put this way, the question is badly framed from the start. It assumes too much. ... more
About Western Europe’s military and police forces
Kamil Churaev In principle, an army is against people. It is confusing that the... more
"I don’t participate in violence at all"
One common misconception is that “if I do not come into contact with violence in... more
Nonviolence is all very well until you’re attacked
This is a widespread point of view among people who are untrained in nonviolence... more
What to read (other than Tolstoy)
Here are several works that are memorable for their lively advocacy of nonviolen... more

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