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Tolstoy Center. Who we are. How to reach us

Who we are

What we do

  • Resource guide You shall not kill
  • Research on the theme of Nonviolence in Action: Methods and Approaches
  • Support for peace education, including:
    • for children — primary and secondary school levels, and raising children in the spirit of nonviolence
    • for adults — courses in empathy development, anger management, and control of emotions

How to support us

  • Share Nonviolence in Action: Methods and Approaches
  • Share information, resources, and experiences relating to nonviolence with us:
    • contemporary practitioners and adherents of love and mercy; altruists, reformers
    • programs of instruction in nonviolence; educators, teachers, mentors who are in need of support
    • applied solutions for individual and collective security

How to reach us

The Leo Tolstoy Center for Nonviolence, including its knowledge base and advice service, is provided on 'as is' basis and under the terms of agreement with its current implementation. The center is not affiliated with any organization, governmental or public. Opinions expressed on the website may differ from the views or opinions of experts, our own or others. Content sharing is allowed, but a link must be provided to the original source. The project’s core document is Nonviolence in Action: Methods and Approaches: eesti english français italiano lietuvių srpski български русский српски