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Voices of Nonviolence

Modern Tolstoyans, Eastern Europe
The Leo Tolstoy Center for Nonviolence is not a form of Tolstoyism. However, wit... more
Abdusalam Guseinov, academician
Non-violence isn’t about the world, it’s about the individual Non-violence ca... more
Vitaly Adamenko, historian
The Gospel strictly prohibits violence Vitaly Adamenko (http://www.antimilitar... more
Kamil Churaev, designer
This is about my attitude to military history, to the army, to heroism and offic... more
Aleksandr Andrevich, coordinator
When I first encountered this problem of violence, as well as the very loyal att... more
Gennady Gololob, theologian
Gennady Gololob (http://christianpacifism.info/) (1964 - 2020), Ukraine Theolog... more
Tolstoy Center. Who we are. How to reach us
Who we are - Aleksandr Andrevich, coordinator (https://tolstoycenter.org/6... more

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